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We Are a Repair And Restoration Company For Water, Fire & Storm Damage Services in Michigan.

When was the last time you had your home checked for necessary repair and restoration services? If you think that a simple water leak won’t do any damage to your home, you are mistaken. Fortunately, Action 1 Restoration Michigan has a team of highly trained technicians that can help you not only in preventing further damages to your home, but also in bringing it back to a safer and more habitable eazironment for you and your loved ones.


Water & Flood

The repair process iazolves the use of hygrometers, pumps and truck mounted units. The first thing that a technician will do is check the moisture level of the place to assess the degree of moisture saturation using a hygrometer. Water will then be removed from the place using pumps and truck mounted units.

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Water Removal

Water removal is a pretty common home issue so we already have established techniques and advanced tools to complete this process. Every restoration service starts with an inspection. This is to get an idea of the extent of damage and analyze the best process & equipment needed for the job.

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Mold Removal

We check the source of fungal growth and come up with the best plan of action to remove the mold. Normally, fungi thrive in places with high moisture level. It could look harmless at first but when molds start to grow, it could lead to some respiratory problems. Our team is well-experienced in mold remediation.

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Storm Damage

Storm damage encompasses other damages such as flood, fire, water and mold. If not addressed correctly, your place could eventually be a place gradually damaged by water seeping into the ceiling and walls which can then lead to mold growth. Storms can lead to severe flooding that can trigger electrical issues.

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Flood Damage

Our team’s first goal is to completely get rid of the water in your home or commercial property. Our next step is to extract moisture from the area through air movers. Finally, we monitor your area to make sure it gets the right temperature for complete drying out process.

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What You Need To Know About The Michigan Action 1 Restoration Services!

Our team of local contractors can also handle industrial and commercial properties that are damaged by storm, fire, water or flood. Whatever emergency it is and no matter what time of day, our team is ready to get in touch with you and quickly run to the site to assess the damages.

Apart from our 24-hour emergency response team, Action 1 Restoration Michigan also uses the latest equipment to ensure efficiency during emergencies. We are also going to communicate with your insurance and bill them directly to minimize hassle on your part.

Because we have been in this business for a long time, we know exactly what to do and we can give you advice on the best possible way to restore your property and get your life back on track.

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Reasons to Choose Action 1 Restoration

  • On Site Fast
  • We Bill Your Insurance Direct
  • We File Your Claim
  • Clean Up & Restoration Of Water Damage
  • Assessment of Water & Flood Damages
  • Proper Cleaning Methods
  • Sewage & Black Water Cleaning
  • Disinfection Services
  • Household Goods & Items Protection
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Cleanup & Repair
  • 24 Hours a Day
  • Get Your Life Back On Track Fast

See How We Are Different

Water damage disasters can happen at any moment and you need an expert reliable team to help you. These disasters can and will happen when you least expect them to, we are here to help you. We help you with the disaster and dealing with your insurance company.