Our Michigan Commercial Water Damage Services

Why A1R of Michigan For Your Business

Water damage like plumbing leaks, sewage backup, appliance malfunctions, and broken pipes can cause sudden devastation to your business. Getting your establishment cleaned up and back to its feet is the specialty of Action 1 Restoration. We do everything that is possible to keep your business running, while we work during the restoration process so that you can continue to serve your clients and provide for your family.

Action 1 Restoration of Michigan knows how vital it is to restore your business documents and equipment with as minimal damage as possible. Therefore, we guarantee you that we will only employ experienced professionals and use high-grade equipment to serve you. Your documents and equipment are ensured to be retrieved in excellent quality.

When it comes to restoring your business back to its rightful state, Action 1 Restoration has your back.

Why Our Team?

Our team of well-trained professionals understands the importance of your business. Therefore, once we become iazolved, we make sure that we do not interrupt your proceedings. We do our job immediately, seamlessly, and effectively. Whatever kind of conditions your business and establishment is in, we will definitely solve and restore your property back to its original shape.

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Commercial Grade Equipment

As one of the best restoration companies, we only utilize state-of-the-art and high-grade equipment, employs highly experienced and well-trained professionals. Action 1 Restoration incorporates all of those elements to ensure that we solve all the water damage related problems for your business.

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Commercial Cleanup & Repair

Having to clean your establishment and repairing damage belongings, documents, and assets after a flood is overwhelming and hard. It takes a lot of time, and your effort might just be wasted if you do not properly solve the problems. You can trust Active 1 Restoration to do this work for you, we only provide the best solutions.

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Water Removal

Active 1 Restoration of Michigan has a comprehensive 5-step process that completely removes all the excess water and moisture in your property. Dry out is a very important step that follows water removal and ensures your property is free of standing water. Once you’ve contacted us, we will proceed with the assessment, evaluation, and restoration of your establishment by following the 5-step process that we adhere to.

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Why Choose the Action 1 Restoration of Michigan Team For Your Commercial Property!

Commercial Experience Matters

Our team has the experience, equipment, and training to handle small or large commercial water damage or flooding emergencies. Whether the water damage occurs in a building, big box bookstore, or small office, we will address your problem right away to reduce the damage and oversee the restoration project through its completion.

From evaluation to completion, our team of local contractors is prepared to respond to all your restoration needs. We are available 24 hours a day, and our team is well-trained to handle all types of water damage.

It is never coazenient when water damage or flooding strikes your business. Action 1 Restoration understands the delicacy and urgency of the situation. Molds cause by water flooding can cause serious health problems, damage lawsuits, damage property, and cause structural issues.

For a municipal building, business or other similar structure, being troubled by floodwaters means that your business and building are closed until the damage is resolved. If you will not hire professionals, every hour that you spent in cleaning up and trying to fix problems is an hour lost from productivity and revenue. That is why feel free to contact Action 1 Restoration for any emergency situation caused by flooding and water damage. We will immediately respond to your need.

It is essentially important that water damage restoration is executed and completed in a timely manner. If the issues are left ignored, they will just get worse and can even lead to larger and more expensive problems.

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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Business

See How We Are Different

Why go with the Action 1 team over other similar services? There is nothing more important than getting a team that is professional, organized, and cares about you. These are three focus areas that set us apart. We want to offer you with a complete package that does not only look at the efficiency of our performance, but the customer service we are offering. We want to be perfect and this is why we are ahead of the game when it comes to other services.