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If you don’t know where to look, then getting water removal and extraction services can be difficult for St. Clair Shores residents. With regards to commercial and residential water removal, there are a few key differences. Not the same type of equipment is used in residential and commercial environments and there are different approaches that have to be taken. A1R in St. Clair Shores stands out from the competition because we can do water removal and extraction for both residential and commercial buildings. We use the best tools and we have a highly skilled team of people to get the job done.

Contact one of the local experts on our team now, and we will begin the procedures for getting rid of water and for drying out your home or your business fast.

Home & Business

If you are experiencing a water disaster from a broken pipe, appliance malfunction or flood, we can help your home or office get back on track fast. In terms of water removal and extraction, our team of expert pros have your home or office covered. We use some of the most advanced equipment and up-to-date procedures to supply efficient clean up services to our customers.

Special Hardware

Among the many ways A1R of St. Clair Shores stands out from the competition is through our specialized tools. We use the latest instruments to get both residential and commercial properties back to its original condition as fast as we can. Our commercial grade equipment helps us remove the water and dryout the home as fast as possible.

Trained & Qualified

A1R of St. Clair Shores employs experienced water removal and recovery contractors in the state. Our team members are certified professionals who are specialists in the field of water removal and recovery. Our local contractors have extensive training in water removal and extraction, including document drying and cleaning.

Emergency Assistance

In case of a burst pipe or flood emergency, you want to have the work done by a true professional that is trained in water extraction, dryout and repair. If you need to remove the water fast, Action 1 Restoration of St. Clair Shores is the name you should trust. We can perform emergency restoration services, and we have a good track record doing it. Our services are available 24 hours a day, ready to take your call at any time.

Why Choose A1R of St. Clair Shores For Water Removal and Dryout!

Our Affordable Emergency Services

When you have any type of flooding inside of your house, you need to realize it could be a disaster. You may think that you are fine, but you need to realize that the water, even in small amounts can lead to the formation of harmful bacteria and molds. If you need an emergency water extraction service for your home, call A1R of St. Clair Shores. When you contact us we will use the most advanced technology and equipment on the market to help get rid of all the water that is inside of the home. This is going to be a key thing and that is the fact that we have service at all hours of the day.

Here are some of the typical emergencies we have been called out on:


  • Appliance malfunction
  • Dishwasher malfunction
  • Attic air conditioner leak
  • Toilet overflowing
  • Sink water left running
  • Major roof leak


Commercial Grade Equipment We Utilize

Action1Restoration of St. Clair Shores stands out from the crowd in regards to the other services that offer removals in St. Clair Shores, our commitment to quality has helped us to do this. For this reason, we’ve invested our money in the best equipment that our money can buy to serve you, the customer, better. We use a wide range of tools for various water removal projects. We have machines like pumps, and truck mount pumps as well as dehumidifiers that remove the visible water and the excess moisture from your home. We have devices that are designed to use in both commercial and residential-scale projects as well. We typically are using commercial grade equipment on most projects as it speeds up the process.

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Why Choose A1R of St. Clair Shores For Water Removal & Dryout!

Our Affordable Emergency Services

If you have recently been struck by a water tragedy, you can count on our local team of pros. Even better, make sure you have a record of our number before such a situation occurs. Anytime of the day, our local St. Clair Shores team is ready and on call to come to your home or place of business to remove the water. It is our pride and pleasure to be providers of some of the finest water extraction and removal services in the St. Clair Shores area. Behind our current successful status lies many years of commitment and dedication in building the right team. Our process has been refined by putting in a lot of hard work to help issues with homes and businesses, as well as being devoted to updating our training and knowledge and making use of excellent equipment.

The teams that we have on hand are going to be able to provide you with all the assistance you need. When you place your call to us, tell us immediately the sort of problem you are experiencing so we can send the right people and the right tools and equipment. You will want to make sure you take any water issue as an emergency problem. If you leave things unattended for a long time, you will expose your family to serious risks.

Specialized Equipment

We’re experts at water removal and, as a professional company, our local team has all they need to handle the most difficult water damage scenarios. We have state-of-the-art equipment that makes it possible for our technicians to handle all types of water extraction and dryout tasks, no matter how big or extensive.

We have a good deal of high-tech equipment like special water extraction and drying equipment, portable air scrubbing machines, air movers, and dehumidifiers. We also have truck-mounted drying units. With the essential high tech, modern equipment ready, our technicians will quickly and expertly fix and restore your property to the condition it was in before the flood.

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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Water Damage Process
Step 2 Turn Off Water Prep
Step 3 Water Removal Process
Step 4 Dry Out Process
Step 5 Clean and Disinfect
Step 6 Restore and Repair

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See How We Are Different

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